A la carte services

A custom-made journey

In order to improve and personalise your trip, we offer you a range of ‘à la carte’ services on all Aircalin-operated flights. 

Extra baggage

The service

The baggage franchise corresponds to the number and weight of the authorised items of baggage.


In increasing your baggage allowance online rather than at the airport, you will benefit from a 25% discount.


This service does not apply to oversized baggage. This service is available on all flights operated only by Aircalin.



Prices and booking

Prices for supplementary baggage of 23 Kg max.



Prepaid online

At airport

Auckland, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Port-Vila

6 000 XPF

(50 EUR)

8 000 XPF

(67 EUR)

Japan, French Polynesia

12 000 XPF

 (101 EUR)

16 000 XPF

(134 EUR)

Wallis, Fiji


Only at airport

The price is per Kilo

1 000 XPF / Kilo

*For each country of origin, these prices are calculated at the daily exchange rate of the departure date.




  • The prices indicated are valid from 01/08/2015 and are subject to modification.
  • The prepayment for supplementary baggage service is only available on direct (no stopovers) Aircalin-operated flights (Aircalin tickets plus partner companies are excluded).
  • The transfer of the service to another date and on the same itinerary is available at no extra charge (if the flight is eligible). If the service cannot be transferred to the new flight (a non-eligible flight), it will not be refunded.
  • The prepaid supplementary baggage allowances cannot be transferred to another person.
  • The prepaid supplementary baggage allowances cannot be refunded unless:
    • Aircalin changes your flight and books you onto a flight not operated by Aircalin
    • Due to operational constraints, your baggage cannot be transported on the planned flight
  • The refunding conditions for prepaid supplementary baggage allowances are independent of the airline ticket conditions. 


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Seat +

The service

This paying service allows you to choose your Preferential Seat or your Plus Comfort Seat.



Located next to the emergency exits, those seats provide you extra legroom.

For security reasons, Seat Comfort Plus is not accessible to:


- children (aged under 15)

- passengers who cannot understand security instructions given in English or French

- passengers who do not meet the physical requirements (passengers with reduced mobility, elderly passengers…) and cannot assist with emergency procedures if needed

- pregnant women

- passengers whose body mass would restrict access to an emergency exit

- passengers travelling with a pet in the cabin.


The company reserves the right to re allocate a passenger to another seat if if these security requirements are not met even after boarding and seat assignment.



Located in the front of the Economy cabin, you’ll be among the first to disembark from the aircraft and gain a precious time regarding arrival procedures.



Prices and booking

The booking of a Plus Seat is possible at the moment of booking and up to 30 hours before departure, on condition of availability.


There are 2 types of seats:

  • comfort plus seat: offering extra leg space
  • preferential seat: situated at the front of the aircraft, it will allow you to disembark more rapidly


Lines operated by Aircalin only

Preferential seats

Comfort plus seats

Auckland, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Port-Vila

3 000 XPF
(25 EUR)

4 000 XPF
(34 EUR)

Japan, French Polynesia

5 000 XPF
(42 EUR)

7 000 XPF
(59 EUR)

*For each country of origin, these prices are calculated at the daily exchange rates for the departure date




Seat Plus is only available on the Aircalin network on Aircalin aircrafts.


  • The transfer of the service to another date on the same itinerary is available at no extra charge (if the flight is eligible). If the service cannot be transferred to the new flight, (a ineligible flight or unavailable seats), the service will not be refunded.
  • Prices shown are valid from 06/17/2013 and are subject to modification.
  • Pre-booking of a Seat Plus depends on the global availability regarding booked seats.
  • Passengers wanting to seat next to each other but made separate individual bookings will need to book their Seat Plus individually. For confidentiality reasons, Aircalin cannot reveal the seat selected by other passengers on other bookings.
  • Seat Plus pre-booking is entitled to one passenger and cannot be transferred to another person.
  • Seat Plus pre-booking is not refundable, unless:
    • Aircalin modify seat assignment for safety/security or operational reasons, even after boarding, and cannot re-seat on an equivalent seat.
    • In case of operational re-shift and Aircalin cannot provide you an equivalent seat on the new scheduled flight
    • Aircalin modify your flight and book you on a flight non-operated by Aircalin
  • Pre-booking of a Seat Plus is non-refundable if we upgraded you in a superior cabin for operational or safety reasons.
  • Reimbursement conditions for a Seat Plus are different from the flight ticket.
  • In case of an aircraft switch, Aircalin will do its best to book you on the same or equivalent Seat Plus, according to the new availability. In this case, passengers won’t be informed before check-in but would be able to verify the reserved seat on their online booking.
  • Passengers are still required to check-in before departure. This service is available on aircalin.com or at the airport.
  • Passengers with specific needs will have to contact our booking centre directly so our staff could assign them an appropriate seat.
  • Pre-booking of a Seat Plus cannot be fully guaranteed for obvious safety/security/operational irregularities reasons, even after boarding.


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Extra seat

It is possible for you to book an extra adjoining seat for your personal comfort (for instance if you are corpulent), or opposite for medical reasons.

For your information, seat width is designed for a waistline of 135cm in economy class and 166cm in Hibiscus class.

In both cases, the second seat will be charged the same as the first one (less taxes).

My Plusgrade

The service

Take advantage of our new program My Plusgrade.Make a bid, submit your offer and get  the opportunity to upgrade in Business Class if you are in the lucky ones offered the chance to participate. 


Maximum space and comfort

  • Our capacious and comfortable seats will offer you a pleasant and relaxing flight.
  • You will love the inventive menu ofmeals blending the scents and flavors of New Caledonia with gourmet French and international cuisine.
  • Round off your meal with a fine wine from our selection of classic French renowned appellations.


Personalised services

  • Dedicated Check-in and priority boarding.
  • Prompt disembarkment and priority baggage check-in*
  • Before your flight, relax in one of our lounges*



The process

  • Make us an upgrade offer for yourself and each passenger traveling under your booking reference, in the event you have been emailed an invitation to do so (14 days prior to your scheduled flight departure). IMPORTANT: not all flights are eligible and invitations are not sent to all passengers. You must enter your bid no later than 5 days (120 hours) prior to scheduled flight departure. 


  • If your upgrade offer is accepted, you will receive an emailed confirmation, no later than 24 hours prior to scheduled flight departure. You will also receive a newly-issued E-ticket mentioning the upgrade. 


  • Your Payment Card will only be charged once your offer is accepted. 


We wish you Good Luck!



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*IMPORTANT: baggage allowance will remain that of your initial Economy Class booking. Miles will be earned according to your initial Economy Class booking. 
**In Nouméa, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Papeete, Nandi, Tokyo and Osaka.    


My Plusgrade Aircalin is only available to the passengers receiving an email offering them to make an offer on My Plusgrade Program. Not all flights are eligible and invitations are not sent to all passengers. ​


  • The hereby General Terms and Conditions (hereafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”) apply to any upgrade request (hereafter referred to as a “Request”) made by you (hereafter referred to as “You”) to Air Calédonie International (hereafter referred to as “Aircalin”) in order to upgrade, for a given Aircalin flight, all passengers in the original booking from the cabin class in the original booking to a higher cabin class (hereafter referred to as an “Upgrade”) under the My Plusgrade program.  
  • You must be of legal age (18 years or older) and have the capacity to enter a legally binding contract. You will be deemed to have authority to act on behalf of and to bind all the passenger(s) included in the original booking to the hereby Terms and Conditions.  
  • You are only allowed to make one Request per flight booked on your ticket. The Request must always be made and paid for with a valid debit card or credit card. You will be deemed to have made a Request on behalf of all passengers included under your original booking reference (“PNR”). A minimum amount of money applies to each Request. Each Request is only valid for the mentioned flight and it represents the amount of money to be paid (in addition to the amount paid for the initial booking). 
  • Once You have submitted (directly or indirectly) your Request for PNR to Aircalin, your upgrade offer will be reviewed according to the hereby Terms and Conditions. You can send, change or cancel your Request at any time within a 5-day period (120 hours) prior to scheduled flight departure. If your Request has been accepted, You can no longer modify or cancel it and You are legally obligated to pay the amount of money that has been bid as part of your Request. 
  • Your Request will be deemed valid (hereafter referred to as a “Valid Request”) on the date it is sent to Aircalin and it will expire 5 days (120 hours) prior to scheduled flight departure. However, if you wish to cancel your Request, it will no longer be deemed a Valid Request. Aircalin may accept your Request at any time within the defined period of validity. If Aircalin accepts your Request, your debit card or credit card will immediately be charged the full amount of the bid that you have entered. In turn, Aircalin will issue You a receipt mentioning the upgrade. The total amount charged will include all taxes and fees that may apply to the upgrade. This total amount will be communicated to You as soon as You send your Request. 
  • Aircalin does not guarantee a specific seating for Requests which have been accepted. However if You have made, as part of your initial booking, a special meal request no later than 48 hours prior to scheduled flight departure, your special request will be extended to your upgrade. Your purchase of an additionnal luggage allowance done 30 hours prior departure will also be extended to your upgrade.


  • Once your Request has been accepted by Aircalin and your debit card or credit card has been charged, you will not be entitled to any refund, credit or exchange, except under the following conditions:
    • The flight for which your Request has been accepted (thereby granting you an upgrade) has been cancelled and Aircalin has transferred you to an alternative flight, in the cabin class of the initial booking. In such a case, the amount You have paid for the upgrade will be refunded to You. The payment card used to pay for the upgrade will be credited. Aircalin will have no further obligation towards You. 
    • Your Request has been accepted and You have been granted an upgrade, but You couldn’t be seated in the higher cabin class for reasons attributable to Aircalin, notably in the case of an aircraft change or if (in the case of connecting flights that are part of the same booking) You have missed the flight for which you were to be upgraded because the previous flight was delayed. However, no refund, credit or exchange will be granted to You if You cannot benefit from the upgrade because of reasons attributable to You, notably if You have decided to change flights or if You have missed your flight. 
    • Refund conditions for My Plusgrade are independent from conditions that apply to ticket fares.
    • Approved refunds will be processed in the currency in which the Upgrade was paid.


  • The fare terms and conditions that apply to the ticket initially booked by You will remain valid in the case of an Upgrade. This includes cancellation terms, modification fees, Miles awarded and baggage allowance.   
  •  Aircalin reserves the right, in its absolute and sole discretion, to decide which flights are eligible for an Upgrade and to accept or reject your Request. Aircalin makes no representation guaranteeing that you will be able to benefit from an Upgrade, irrespective of seat availability in higher cabin class. Aircalin shall not be liable to You in case your Request is rejected. 
  • Aircalin’s decision shall be final and shall not result in any written messages or requests. 
  • Aircalin reserves the right to cancel or modify the hereby Terms and Conditions in its absolute and sole discretion and without notice. Except to the extent provided in the previous sentence, no modification or waiver shall apply to the hereby Terms and Conditions or be opposable to Aircalin, unless a written statement has been made by Aircalin (or by an authorized Aircalin agent) and published on Aircalin’s website www.aircalin.com. A cancellation will be deemed effective when statements concerning Upgrades, as well as pertaining Terms and Conditions, are withdrawn. You are responsible for checking on any modification of the hereby Terms and Conditions prior to making an Upgrade Request. 
  • Failure by Aircalin to exercise any of its rights will not be construed as a waiver or relinquishment of the future performance of any of its rights, and your obligations with respect to such future performance shall continue in full force and effect.
  • The hereby Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with Aircalin’s Conditions of Carriage, Legal Notices and Website Terms of Use  which are deemed  to be integrated to the hereby Terms and Conditions. In the event of conflicting provisions, the hereby Terms and Conditions will prevail. 
  • The hereby Terms and Conditions are subject to laws of New Caledonia. You are deemed to accept the exclusive jurisdiction of New Caledonia courts.  
  • Upon sending your Upgrade Request, You are deemed to have read and understood the hereby Terms and Conditions, to accept them and to be legally bound by them. 


Turn your lunch or dinner on board into a true moment of pleasure

In Economy class, select your fee-based pick as a replacement for the menu of the day.



Hamburger Menu

This menu will appeal to burger addicts, be they young or grown-up! Your menu includes a yummy dessert, cheese and snacks.

Price : 1 500 XPF / 13 EUR / AUD 19 / NZD 21 / 1 670 JPY / USD 13


Fresh Menu

Entree, fancy and generous salad, and fresh fruit salad as a dessert. Treat yourself to fine and tasteful cuisine.

Price : 1 800 XPF / 15 EUR / AUD 23/ NZD 25 / 2 000 JPY / USD 16


Around the World Menu

This menu  will take you on a journey from entree to dessert. And to complement your meal, enjoy a glass of champagne as an aperitif. No doubt you're off to a great holiday!

Price : 3 000 XPF / 25 EUR / AUD 38/ NZD 42 / 3 335 JPY / USD 26


Gourmet Menu

Treat yourself to a trip full of flavours, with a glass of champagne. An ideal opportunity to celebrate a birthday, surprise your travel companion, or simply turn your trip into a true time of celebration!

Price : 3 000 XPF / 25 EUR / AUD 38 / NZD 42 / 3 335 JPY / USD 26



Worth noting!


  • We regret to advise that this service is only available to passengers travelling in economy class, on a ticket bearing an Aircalin flight number AND in a flight operated by an Aircalin aircraft.
  • This service is only available on flights serving hot lunch or dinner.
  • The Around the World and Gourmet menus are only available on flights exceeding three and half hour.
  • This service is not available on our Nadi and Wallis services.


Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, please enjoy in a responsible manner.



You can book your a la carte menu up to 48h before departure :

  • upon purchase of your ticket on our website,  in our call center  or  travel agency
  • ​while connecting to your  "MANAGE YOUR BOOKING" section  on our website


Full list of ingredients included in each menu may vary according to seasonal requirements. Photos shown on our website are for illustration only and are not binding on the airline. Menu details are provided upon order.





1.1 - Against a top-up payment, Aircalin gives you the opportunity to select ahead of your trip the menu that you will be served in the economy cabin during your flight, on any destination except Nadi and Wallis. This optional service is called "A La Carte Menu": you will be invited to submit your choice when you book your flight or when you go to the section labelled "My reservation" on the Aircalin website (www.aircalin.com) up until 48 hours before boarding. Please note that our menu of the day and usual drinks are still available free of charge on board if you decide against the "a la carte" option.


1.2 - The a la carte menus served during the flight may differ slightly in quantity, taste or aspect to what was visually described or suggested in the photos and the presentation texts appearing notably on the Aircalin website. Some ingredients may be replaced by similar ones without prior notice. Photos shown on the website are for illustration only and are not binding on Aircalin.


1.3 - You cannot cancel your order once it has been placed. Should you want to transfer your order onto another flight, we suggest that you contact your travel agent or your Aircalin office no later than 48 hours before departure. Please note that the transfer of an a la carte menu is only possible on the basis of: same itinerary, same passenger, same point of origin and destination, flight operated by Aircalin, and only if the same menu is available on that flight. You cannot change your order once it has been placed.


1.4 - Aircalin is not in a position to provide a full list of ingredients for a la carte menus. If you suffer from food allergy or intolerance, we recommend that you do not select an a la carte menu. Any consequence resulting from intolerance or allergy to a specific food ingredient will remain your sole responsibility.


1.5 - The general terms and conditions of carriage are accessible on our website and are part of these conditions. We recommend that you carefully review them.


2 - Conditions and restrictions


2.1 - By ordering an a la carte menu, you explicitely declare that you have the legal capacity to contract, that you have read the present conditions of sale and that you agree to be bound by them.


2.2 - When you order an a la carte menu, you undertake to provide Aircalin with true information and to refrain from placing a reservation for which you would not meet the required conditions as set out in the present general terms and conditions of sale. Furthermore, you explicitely declare that you order for yourself or on behalf of another person in the name of whom you are allowed to act, this person being deemed to have read the general terms and conditions of sale and be bound by them.


2.3 - Passengers under the age of 18 are not elligible to the Around the World and Gourmet menus.


2.4 - The a la carte menu service is subject to availability. It could be that a limited number of a la carte menus are available on any given flight.


2.5 - You will not have the opportunity to order an a la carte menu once you are on board. Only orders placed 48 hours before the flight can be met.


3. Rates


3.1 - The a la carte menus are subject to pricing according to the type of menu; the pricing reflects the customer's choice at the time of ordering.


3.2 - Rates are shown upon reservation of the a la carte menus; rates are tax inclusive.


4 - Refund


4.1 - A la carte menus cannot be cancelled or refundable unless Aircalin could not meet your order which had been duly placed 48 hours before departure. Aircalin will make every effort to provide a la carte menus which have been ordered according to the present general terms and conditions of sale. However, for operational reasons relating to safety or security considerations and/or operating deficiencies, a la carte menus might end up being unavailable. Under these circumstances, a standard menu of the day will be served as a replacement of the a la carte menu you had ordered, and you will be elligible for refund. For this purpose, you will be asked to fill in the appropriate on-line application on our website (www.aircalin.com) under the section "Contact us" and send it to our customers service department.


4.2 - No refund will be issued if you fail to meet the above-mentioned criteria.

4.3 - If you pay for an upgrade to Business class, your menu purchase will be lost, unless you are in a position to transfer it to a future flight, according to the conditions set in 1.3 article.


5 - Claims


Any complaint regarding reservation, payment and/or delivery of a la carte menus should be directed to Aircalin; please fill in the on-line form in the section called "Contact us" on www.aircalin.com




Europ assistance

Take off stress-free by opting for a travel insurance plan thanks to our partners Europ Assistance and CCA Assurances. Whether  you are travelling near or far, protect yourself from unforeseen evetns : consider buying comprehensive multi-risk travel insurance : trip cancellation insurance, missed flights, impossible departures, impossible return trips, luggage and personal effects, travel accidents, people assistance, public liability.


                                                                                                                                   Tableau assurance



> see the table of services


The advantages of the Europ Assistance multi-risk product

Key points of assistance service


  • Comfortable sums to cover your costs notably for supplementary reimbursements of overseas medical costs

  • A wide range of services (extension of holiday, taxi fares…)

  • Coverage for all sporting activities (excepting competitions)

  • Many cases covered for early return (accident at home, hospitalisation of a professional replacement, a terrorist attack or natural disaster within 100 km of your destination…)

  • All the professional experience of EUROP ASSISTANCE at the service of your clients (since 1963, medical experts available  24/7, ISO 9001 certification, crisis management experience…).


Key points of insurance coverage


  • Missed flight (contribution to the purchase of a new ticket of up to 80% of the price of the initial ticket)  impossible departure or return

  • Theft of sports equipment during the holiday covered as losses of expensive goods, for up to €1,000 per person insured (excluding fishing rods) 

  • Delayed baggage delivery  > 24h (purchase of basic goods for up to 29.833 xpf /€250)

  • Coverage of cost of reissue of identification documents in case of loss or theft (17.900 xpf /€150)

  • Limited franchise


A comprehensive insurance service at an attractive price


Return ticket price in XPF, tax inc.

Optional multi-risk subscription in XPF,

tax inc.

0 to 200,0006,000
200,001 to 477,00010,000
477,001 to 835,00014,000


Return ticket price in €, tax inc.

Optional multi-risk subscription in €,

tax inc.

0 to 1,67650,28
1,677 to 3,99783,80
3,998 to 6,997117,32


For families: a 10% reduction is applicable from the third family member



On our website, when you buy a ticket site. If your flight is eligible, this insurance will be automatically offered when you buy your ticket online.


Terms for the subscription to the contract

  • Subscription with the purchase of the aircraft ticket

  • Subscription offered only for return flights

  • Maximum duration of the holiday covered => 90 consective days

  • Coverage of leisure or business journeys throughout the world (excepting war zones, etc.)

  • The insured persons must live in New Caledonia, French Polynesia or in mainland France.


Terms for the modification of the contract

  • The insurance contract can be changed but not reimbursed (except for a multi-insurance cancellation clause activated within 14 days)

  • The change is linked to the change in the aircraft ticket (change accepted by the Company)


> see details in the general terms and conditions


What to do in case of …?

Need of assistance: In case of medical emergency, you must contact the local emergency services, then

  • Contact EUROP ASSISTANCE 24/7 at + 33 1 41 85 86 51


  • Only services provided by (or with the agremeent of)  EUROP ASSISTANCE will be covered.

Making a claim:

  •  Cancellation

      In case of cancellation of your flight, your must first:

      Notify AIRCALIN

      then in the 5 days following the incident preventing you from taking your flight make the claim online on the website.


      EUROP ASSISTANCE within 2 consective working days of the accident or incident.



Not sure if you want to book?  Need to get your annual leave approved before making a booking? Thanks to "freeze the price" you can hold the price of the airfare you have selected for 72 hours for a minimal fee. Your stress-free holiday starts here !



This service allows you to ensure availability, and most importantly to hold the price of the airfare you have selected for 72 hours. You can then finalize (or not) your reservation once you have decided.

Of course, the option has an expiry date which is specified in the confirmation email you will receive.



  1. Choose your flights on the Aircalin website
  2. If your itinerary is eligible, you will see the option "Freeze the price" on the flight selection page, on the "a la carte services" page or just before finalizing your payment.
  3. Click on "Freeze the price"
  4. Your booking is then placed on hold for 72 hours
  5. A confirmation email is sent to you
  6. Just before the option to freeze your price expires, a reminder email will be sent to you. If you are still interested you can finalise your reservation. If not, the reservation will automatically cancel when the 72 hour period expires.



Aircalin's routes

without connexion with other companies


based on xpf, conversion according the currency of the of service usage

Auckland, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Port-Vila, Wallis, Nadi1 000 XPF8 €13 AUD14 NZD1083 JPY20 FJD1 000 VUV

Japan, French Polynesia

2 000 XPF16 €26 AUD28 NZD2058 JPY40 FJD2 000 VUV


  • You can hold the fare up to 4 days before the day of travel,
  • The fee is charged per person, per booking inclusive of VAT and is non-refundable.
  • Failure to pay within the 72 hours period will result in the booking being cancelled with no option of a refund and/or to rebook.
  • The fee does not form part of your flight booking total. 
  • The service is only available on Aircalin bookings made via Aircalin.com
  • This option is available on a route without connections with other companies.



When you are ready to finalize your reservation you can : 


  1. Find your reservation directly on our website.
  • Click on the link "your booking" at the top right of our site
  • Enter your name and your reservation number
  • Then click on "Proceed to payment" to confirm and pay your reservation
  1. Retrieve your reservation through the confirmation or reminder email you received.
  • Click on the link "Pay my flight ticket" from one of the mails you received.
  • Then click on "Proceed to payment" to confirm and pay your reservation

> More information