Terrestrial biodiversity in New Caledonia

Amidst stunning nature

New Caledonia is famous for the great variety of its landscapes. From the fiery-red soils of the south to the golden savannas of the west, the lush forests of the east and the immaculate beaches of its Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia harbors a remarkably rich biodiversity.

The essential

A true Garden of Eden

A perfectly isolated territory in the South Pacific region, New Caledonia ranks first in the world for its biodiversity. Grande Terre and the Loyalty Islands are reputed for their wild beauty and facetious nature that seems to have outwitted time in order to preserve rare archaic species. Here, without ever running into anyone, you can hike through splendid lush mountains that shelter cascades and ancient trails or walk on immaculate beaches that stretch for kilometers.  

In Yaté, the incredible décor of Plaine des Lacs will have you travel back in time to the era of the dinosaurs. Wonder at ancient plants and endemic flora as you walk through unique landscapes made of striking contrasts. From bright-red soils, turquoise lagoon and vivid-green vegetation, nature paints a picture that is one-of-a-kind.  

Each region of New Caledonia displays a unique character and specific natural treasures. The Loyalty Islands and the Isle of Pines are often described as little Gardens of Eden. Ouvéa and the Isle of Pines are reputed for their long and immaculate beaches facing the azure lagoon.  New Caledonia’s nature will undoubtedly win your heart over. Book your flight to New Caledonia and you will instantly forget about daily stress and worries as you embark on a fabulous journey through wondrous nature



Discover New Caledonia, a preserved nature

Deep forests

If you wish to fully enjoy New Caledonia’s forests, head to the natural parks that can be found throughout Grande Terre: Great Ferns Park in Sarraméa, Blue River Park in Yaté or Mont Panié in the north. Enjoy the archipelago to the fullest

Magical East Coast

On the East Coast, often referred to as the « craddle of the kanak spirit» you will be dazzled by the scenery’s beauty. Here rugged cliffs seem to lunge at the lagoon while the coast, dotted with languorous palm trees, is waiting to be explored. Make the most out of your visit and choose to stay in a tribal village where you will meet friendly locals and learn about the traditional use of natural medicine.

Grande Terre Cascades

Throughout Grande Terre, enjoy refreshing cascades that are often very easily accessible. Some of the most popular ones are La Cuve in Sarraméa, Bâ Cascade in Houailou and Tao Cascade in Hienghène.


Grande Terre and the islands offer visitors many charming camping sites. Getting close to New Caledonia’s nature has never been easier. Enjoy tranquil explorations as you indulge in the relaxing and friendly atmosphere of camping.

Great hikes

Two amazing hiking trails, certified Grandes Randonnées, have opened a few years ago. One is located in the southern part of Grande Terre and it will take you through the fabulous biodiversity inherited from fossil plants. The second trail, located in the north, crosses many tribal villages of the east coast.


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